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Our church is a family atmosphere for worship, outreach and fellowship.

We are Christ centered and community focused. We pray the Lord will use us to make significant kingdom advancement for the glory of God.

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  • Hosea 4:1-19 — Three Social Issues God Cares About the Most, and the Greatest is . . .

    The Faithful Love of God for Unfaithful People Anthony R Locke FirstPresTucker First Presbyterian Chruch of Tucker ARP Church ARPChurch Tony LockeWe need to pray for our country. We should be asking for God to forgive our nation. We should be asking for God to lead us into righteousness. We need to repent and lead others back to God. Second, we need to help spread the knowledge of God in our community. This is God's number one issue with Israel. We need to teach others about God. I’ve always thought that giving the sermon wrapped in a bulletin would offer all of us an easy way to evangelize our neighbors. Find your favorite way to talk about God and make it happen. Finally, we need to make sure that we don’t participate in the decline of our country. We need to keep God’s commandments. We need to live for Jesus. If we will do these things then we will not be rejected by God. ...
  • Hosea 3:1-5 — God’s Faithful Response to Unfaithful People

    The Faithful Love of God for Unfaithful People Anthony R Locke FirstPresTucker First Presbyterian Chruch of Tucker ARP Church ARPChurch Tony LockeGod is glorified in His pursuit of those He loves. More than our obedience, more than our faith or the combined faith of the nations, God’s secret nature is made known as noble and good, He is manifest as majestic and holy by His pursuit of His people. James Montgomery Boice says that this chapter is the greatest chapter in the Bible, because it portrays the greatest story in the Bible—the heavy price paid by the Lord Jesus Christ for his people—in the most concise and poignant form to be found anywhere else in the scripture. I don’t know if you will ever see this as the greatest chapter in the Bible, but by the end of the sermon, I hope you will at least have a greater appreciation for God’s revelation here in Hosea.

  • God CAN’T Leave Your Salvation to Chance

    God CAN'T Leave Your Salvation to ChanceGod can't keep Himself from knowing the future and determining it's outcome. It's an unstoppable consequence of His sovereign power and omniscience.

    And don’t begrudge God’s electing love. Don’t criticize God’s sovereign mercy which saves.

    Without God we won’t come to faith. God makes the difference. We should thank Him, not criticize His choices.

    Christians need to stop grumbling about election.

  • Did God Pollute the Environment by Creating Oil?

    Did God Pollute the Environment by Creating Oil ARP Church ARPChurch FirstPresTucker Anthony R LockeThere are voices within our culture trying to remove the label "GOOD" from the creation.

    Many things that God called good, they call bad.

    Oil is a good example. We are not committing a sin by unlocking the energy within the creation. God placed it there for us to find and use.

    We are not sinful for cutting down trees to make paper or build homes.

    The Biblical model of the family is not a curse on women. The Ten commandments are not an infringement on liberty or free speech.

    We must not adopt the world's negative view toward God's amazing gifts.

  • Can We Ask Our Children to Pay Our Debt and Still Call Ourselves Good?

    Can We Ask Our Children to Pay Our Debt and Still Call Ourselves Good ARPChurch Anthony R Locke FirstPresTuckerEvery time Christians elect politicians willing to spend more in taxes than we collect, we cosign our good names to the generational theft from future generations. This is a great sin.

    What is the role of the Church? We need to preach against stealing.

    Is our national debt really stealing? It is no different than taking a credit card out in our child's name. If we borrow for our own comforts, and borrow more than we can every hope to pay back, then we are shifting the responsibility for that debt to them. Regardless of our good intentions, that's white collar crime.

    The Greatest Generation will be known, by future generations, as the Morally Bankrupt Generation. We are borrowing money to give charity (Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps) on the backs of our grand-children. It will be known as the Greatest Crime in a ...

  • A Lament for the PC USA Church

    Saint Andrews Presbyterian Lavista standrewspresbyterian PCUSA PC USA Presbyterian Church United States of America Homosexual Gay Lesbian LGBT Anthony R Locke FirstPresTuckerWhy did the ARP Synod call the PCUSA Church to repent? Because they have formally opened the door for practicing homosexuals to be ordained.

    This is the last call for repentance as the ARP has now officially removed all connections between our denominations and severed our fraternal communications with the PCUSA. All of our military Chaplains are officially removed from the PCUSA endorsing board and have been transferred into the RPCNA.

    We no longer recognize the PCUSA as a collection of believers being led by Christ. The PCUSA Church is being led by another spirit which is not the Holy Spirit. We no longer believe that Jesus is the head of that denomination.

    We are calling on the faithful Christians left in that denomination to leave it. This sermon explains these issues.

  • Did Jesus Really Descend into Hell?

    Did Jesus Really Descend into HellConfessing that Jesus descended into Hell tells us what really happened in the darkness. It is the real story told from God’s perspective. Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" tells the story from Man's perspective, but Jesus descended further. Jesus descended into Hell.

    We all learned this in grade school. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It's like saying, "step back from the trees and see the forest."

    The Apostle's Creed provides the visible pieces to the puzzle. Jesus was crucified, died and was buried.

    Not step back and get the big picture from God's perspective -- Jesus Descended into Hell.

    This sermon also explains John Calvin's position

  • Abortion: Can We Wash Our Hands from Our Responsibility?

    Lady MacBeth ARPChurch FirstPresTucker Anthony R Locke Abortion Can We Wash Our Hands from Our ResponsibilityThe Penn State disaster with Joe Paterno reminds us all that the knowledge of a crime burdens us with a moral obligation to report the crime. There is a moral mandate to act or we take some of the guilt to ourselves by our inaction.

    Like the blood of Abel that cries from the soil, the blood of our children cries out to heaven for justice. And our hands are dirty, even if we didn’t do the deed.

    This is the biggest issue of our time. The big elephant in the room. 50 million babies killed every year world wide. Over 1.3 million babies are killed every year in America.

    We call Herod a monster for killing thousands of babies while trying to kill baby Jesus. Yet, we vote into office political leaders who support and sustain a monstrous evil. Over a billion babies killed since the Roe ...

  • To Live, Move and Have Being

    To Live Move and Have Being Firstprestucker arpchurch Anthony R Locke Madison Grace LockeIf women have a right to predetermine the value of the life inside them, then what was wrong with slave owners removing liberty and freedom from a slave baby before it was born?

    No one has the right to diminish the value of a life.

    God is the source of life. We have person-hood by the power of God. To kill a baby is to kill a child of God.

    We are not talking about a political issue or a single item in a list of topics discussed by the moral majority. We are talking about genocide. Abortion is genocide. The genocide isn't focused on a race or religion. It's an age based discrimination of the helpless, those without a voice and those without a defender. God is their defender. We need to join with God in the defense of His children.